Our Vision

We provide people with financial freedom, transparency, safety and reliability in a decentralised global economic system. Our vision is to create a secure, stable and decentralised digital currency with worldwide acceptance. The connected platform is characterised by its user-friendliness and security.A great deal of experience has been gathered in this sector since the advent of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Zcash, Dash, etc... Building atop this experience, we have created a crypto-currency that is even safer and more sustainable – LIOcoin.Our vision is to make LIOcoin the most widely used payment method for virtual currencies. A crypto-currency is only as good as its everyday usability for people. It is of lesser importance whether you have already recognised the enormous potential of crypto-currencies as a means of payment, and the versatile blockchain technology as an all-round talent for implementing all kinds of processes, or whether you will only become aware of and make use of the possibilities in the near future

About Us

Many ideas/visions ultimately fail because of the final implementation. On many occasions, it proves paramount to pull different forces together and use them specifically to achieve common goals. The success of a crypto-currency and the development of a versatile blockchain does not only depend on the know-how of first-class programmers. Rather, it is like in a well-oiled orchestra. Professionals from the most diverse fields must work together in perfect sync to produce a truly extraordinary outcome. In 2017, following years of preparatory work, market analysis, beta tests and countless optimization attempts, experts from the fields of Internet security, virtual currencies, marketing and finance came together under the umbrella of the Global Cybersecurity Group (GCS for short) to achieve a common goal: To make LIOcoin the most widely used digital currency in the world and enable everyone to make bank-independent payments. An international currency demands an international team, which can contribute their know-how, but also bring different cultures, ways of thinking and perspectives into the development process. Along the same lines, a European implementation does not necessarily have to work in Asia and vice versa. And that is why GCS has offices in Cologne, London and Chennai (India). In addition to the "core team", GCS is supported by a network of renowned banks, economists, politicians, sales professionals and well-known personalities.

LIOcoin – First Asset backed Coin

LIOcoin is the first European asset-backed coin (LIO ABC), which combines the opportunities of the blockchain network with investments in future-oriented and profitable companies and start-ups, along with an investment in precious physical metals such as gold and silver. This is the link between coin and material assets.

LIOcoin is committed to start-ups and established companies that have already reached a stage in which, for example, prototypes are available. However, no investments are planned in very early stage companies.

To this end, GCS has acquired a stake in a renowned investment company, TecFin Innovations Inc. (www.tecfin.info). In an extensive due diligence, the latter examines possible target investments and invests part of Liocoin's capital in these promising companies. TecFin Innovations is not only an investor but is also involved in the operative business of most companies. It contributes new ideas, develops marketing strategies and uses the existing network to optimise and advance processes.
The advantages for the owner of LIOcoin are obvious

  • A broadly diversified portfolio, which is configured for growth both organically and through further acquisitions, secures the lower value limit of the LIOcoin.
  • There is virtually no total loss risk, as would be conceivable for all major, known digital currencies.
  • The investment strategy of GCS is rounded off by the acquisition of physical precious metals.If you consider the historical performance of gold, for example, this precious metal forms an almost crisis-proof value basis. Initial inventories have already been built up.
  • LIOcoin was audited in 2017 by a renowned London law firm and was awarded the ABC - Asset Backed Coin seal of approval - for the first time. This was granted for a period of 12 months. After its expiration, criteria to be fulfilled will be subject to a thorough re-examination.

Why Choose LIOcoin?

““It’s really amazing open source platform service there everyone who wants to exchange buying and selling “LIOcoin” and also it allowing high order marketing trading with scalping strategies.””


Buying and selling crypto coin with the tightest spreads in the world. The trading engine is the instantly real time “LIOcoin” exchange platform with highly secure and robust technologies


“LIOcoin” mining process is a peer to peer computer process which is used to secure and verify LIOcoin transactions payment one to another on a decentralized network. It involves adding coin transaction data to LIOcoin's global public ledger of past transactions.


This process a way of earning some interest or profit from your coins. So you can simple deposit them into the wallet services and earn money..


The offline feature of this platform provides you information of LIOcoin stock, price ratio and offer notification via offline messaging on registered platform mobile number.


It is similar to general spending which is based on smart contract and Peers to peer network. Is this try to make the whole method from lending to funding back – which are more protected and conveniently.


The LIOcoin is developed instantly that is essentially due to ever increase the price of Leocoin and few hyped ICO contribution which increased hundreds of millions of dollars in public crowd funding.

LIOcoin Calculator

LIOcoin =

How It Works

Create Your Wallet

It allows to receive them, send them, and exchange them LIOcoin to another person with one touch service.

Make Payments

It can make a fast, convenient, and extremely 2-factor secure payment without any need of sensitive card information.So, You can simply transit your payment.

Buy or Sell Orders

Buying and selling order transaction you can see in your history record with fully secure services.

Blockchain / Mining

As the backbone of nearly all digital currencies, Blockchain is an open book designed to keep a record of all crypto transactions. As such, this general ledger does not exist in a central place, but is distributed in nodes found on many computers, which are updated with every transaction.

Accordingly, there is no need for a central authority for administration, as this is ensured via decentralized filing and the mining process -even if this need not exist for every blockchain. From a technical standpoint, Blockchain is a chain of transaction blocks.

Transaction data are linked like links in a chain, grouped into blocks and checked for validity. In the Proof of Work (POW), these are then linked to the previous blockchain. Given that the Proof of Work is a very energy-intensive process, anyone seeking to infiltrate the same with fraudulent purposes would have to bear enormous electricity and hardware costs, which make the effort hardly rewarding.

Moreover, the calculation tasks to be solved demand huge computing capacity. It is precisely this virtually insurmountable cost that hedges transactions. Another approach is Proof of Stake (POS), where the decisive factor is not computing capacity but shares (coins or tokens) in the crypto currency.

LIOcoin makes use of both technologies. The development team analysed the existing technology of two old coins (in terms of market capitalization, among the top 6 old coins). Strengths were adopted and weaknesses (high energy consumption, slow calculation processes) dropped, all whilst keeping the security and fast tradability of the LIOcoin in mind.

The result is our own blockchain technology, which not only meets today's requirements, but is also optimally equipped for the future.

Its extensive applications go well beyond mining and trading of the LIOcoin.

Trading Platforms

At the latest in the 2nd half of 2018 (probably already in June 2018) Liocoin will also be successively released for trading on various American, European and Asian trading platforms.

Some of these are real industry leaders, comparable to Nasdaq in stock trading.

Thus, the LIOcoin cannot only be traded against Fiat money (EURO, USD etc.), but also against all other digital currencies.

Another milestone is the usability of the LIOcoin via personal debit cards and, therefore, its unlimited worldwide use.


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